Relocating overseas and not sure about what size of Container you need to move your belonging? This blog will assist you to select the size of FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less than Container Load) depending on the size of your residence.

The below chart will assist you to determine cubic feet volume you should expect depending on the number of bedrooms or square feet of your residence.

The below estimate is assuming you have standard furniture items and boxes for a single-family residence. For customized volume calculation you can use our CFT calculation to determine more accurate volume.

Number of Bedrooms (or)Square Ft. in Your HomeApprox. Cubic Feet
Small Studio(or)Under 600360
Large Studio/ 1 Bedroom Apartment(or)600 - 1,000432
2 Bedroom Apartment(or)1,000 - 1,200720
2 Bedroom House/ 3 Bedroom Apartment(or)1,200 - 1,500864
3 Bedroom House(or)1,500 - 1,8001,152
3 Bedroom House (plus garage, attic, etc.)(or)1,800 - 2,0001,368
4 Bedroom House(or)2,000 - 2,4001,512 - 2,016
4 Bedroom House (plus garage, attic, etc.)(or)2,400 - 2,8002,016 - 4,032
5 Bedroom House (plus garage, attic, etc.)(or)2,800 - 3,2002,688 - 5,376
Dimensions of Storage Unit (or)Square Feet of Storage SpaceApprox. Cubic Fee
5' x 10' Storage(or)50432
10' x 10' Storage(or)100864
10' x 20' Storage(or)200*1,512 - 2,016

Depending on volume you plan to move, below are different ocean container specifications. If your volume is under 500 CFT you should consider shipping by LCL (Less than Container Load)


Containers are manufactured using either aluminum or steel. They are suitable for most types of cargo. Aluminum dry containers have a slightly larger payload than steel, and steel dry containers have a slightly larger internal cube space.

Container dimensions – Specific dimensions and capacity of dry containers may vary depending on the container manufacturer, the age of the container and the container owner. The specifications listed below are, however, representative.

Approx. Cubit Fee20’ 40’ 40’ High Cube 
Interior Length5.919 m19′512.051 m39′ 6 1/212.056 m39′ 6 1/2
Interior Width2.286 m7′ 62.286 m7′ 62.340 m7′8
Interior Height2.380 m7′ 9 1/22.380 m7′ 9 1/22.684 m8′ 9 1/2
Door Opening Width2.340 m7′ 82.340 m7′ 82.347 m7′ 8 1/4
Door Opening Height2.278 m7′ 5 1/22.278 m7′ 5 1/22.585 m8′ 5 3/4
Tare1,900 kgs4,189 lb3,084 kgs6,799 lb2,900 kgs6,393 lb
Payload15,000 kgs33,000 lb20,000 kgs44,000 lb20,000 kgs44,000 lb
Cubic Capacity33.0 cbm1,165 cft67.3 cbm2,377 cft76.0 cbm2,684 cft

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